Glacier West Garage Plus Storage is a premiere garage/storage facility. In addition to the individual garages, there’s a member clubhouse, an RV dump station and even a dedicated car/RV wash station. It is the largest and most technologically advanced storage facility in the state of Washington, as well as the only storage complex in Pierce County that has been approved for “active storage“. This means that the units may be used as workshops or home garages.

Yes! This is one of the unique differences about Glacier West Garage Plus. The mini-storage code for Pierce County restricts the amount of work you can do in regular storage units. What would be the point of having these big work shop sized units if you couldn’t do anything in them? Well, Garage Plus worked diligently with the county to secure the one and only "Active Use Permit" the county has ever issued, just for you.

No, you can’t live in your garage due to code restrictions in Pierce County. Your garage storage unit is a place to escape to, and use for fun, store your items, business materials and/or prized possessions. It cannot be used as a residence.

Yes and no. You cannot use your garage as a retail store front and have customers coming in and out all the time. You can store business materials or inventory and write it off on your taxes as a business expense though!

Yes. Glacier West Garage Plus has a garage size for every type of motorized vehicle. In our King Plus (our largest garage), you can park the biggest motor home legal to drive, put the bump-outs out, and still have room to walk around your RV! Ever have a hard time backing up that boat and trailer into a certain size unit? Get on the waiting list for the Double! It has a garage door on each end keeping your life simple!

With rare exception they are seventeen feet high when you step into your garage and climb to a peak of twenty feet. Yes, high enough to have a car lift; this is a must!

Glacier West Garage Plus insures the building and the property, you insure the contents.

Call 253-331-2337 or email us at garageplus@glacierwest.com to schedule an appointment to tour our site in Spanaway. Or just stop in during office hours! You can tour the site, check out completed garages and view two showroom units decked out with all kinds of options. We will work with you to help you lease your space at Glacier West Garage Plus.

Here are the benefits to leasing at Glacier West Garage Plus vs. building your own garage:
1. When building a garage yourself, you must navigate the process and cost of purchasing land (if necessary), obtaining construction permits, and completing the build, whether you're hiring someone else or building it yourself.
2. Your garage likely won’t have the added security of Glacier West Garage Plus’s state of the art security system, or premium features such as radiant heating in your floor.
4. If you happen to move and sell your house and garage you just built, you’re going to have to build another one!
5. You won’t have access to our active member clubhouse and park areas, the RV dump and waste water station, and the onsite car wash.
6. Plus you won’t be meeting and hanging out with new people that share the same interests as you!

Although you can’t live in your garage, Glacier West Garage Plus never closes. You can work or hang out in your garage however long and whenever you need to regardless of the hour. Local noise ordinance rules and laws apply.